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DVD Play is an application originally made by Adam Pash of Lifehacker. You can find information about the original program here:


It allows you to browse a folder full of DVD rips or downloads, with cover art, and launch them automatically in VLC. I use it all the time, and it's great for showing people your collection.


The versions I've maintained (from 0.5 onwards) incorporate a number of new features, some from the comments thread on the lifehacker post, some of my own design.

The improvements include:


DVD-Play requires little set up, simply run the downloaded file in the directory you wish to store it in, and tell it where VLC and your films are stored.

Version 0.6a can be downloaded here:

DVD Play

Source Code:

DVD Play Source

Version 0.6a - 3rd Feb 2011


The last version was released with a stupid bug that caused the program to be practically useless....

Version 0.6a contains a fix for that, and for bonus points:

  • Is maximised by default, with the number of columns adjusted to fit the screen
  • Has a new progress bar that shows the artwork scanning progress
    • Pop-up boxes asking to download art will default to "Yes" after 5 seconds